Tag: The more you exercise the more the brain improves in terms of memory storage

Your brain is the center of everything you do. It is one of the major organs of the body and one you cannot function without other than the heart. The state of the brain will also determine the level of your functionality. A brain that is working optimally will be in a better position to solve issues. Life is all about solving problems. This simply means that you will always be a step ahead if you have a brain that has a better cognitive and physical response to stimuli. Just like any other part of the body, the brain can be worked on to improve its state and functionality. Here are top 3 tips for keeping your brain young:

Eat right

It is a fact that what you eat will affect every part of the body. There is no part of the body that is independent of the food you eat. The brain is not an exception. Omega 3 fatty acids are the brain’s source of power when it comes to nutrition. Some of the foods that contain these fats include fish, flax seeds, nuts and seeds. They also support the cardiovascular nature of the body. The relation between these two systems is direct for many reasons proven. People with higher intake of omega 3 fats have been found to do much better when it comes to cognitive thinking. There are supplements for these in the market today for the same reason. These are made from food plants and animal extracts for the same purpose. The brain will shrink with age. Omega 3 fats will reduce this shrinking keeping your brain your and cognitively apt for a very long time. Besides this, they are ideal when it comes to reducing blood pressure. This condition will directly affect the cells of the brain if let loose.


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Use it

The brain just like any other organ in the body needs to be stimulated to grow. It works like a muscle expanding its ability with use. The brain is also more like a computer. A computer with little information is of little use to anyone. The fact that the brain needs exercise means that it will need to be challenged. The best way to train the brain is by doing puzzles and games that will challenge it to think. Just like the body, the brain will need to be challenged ion levels going higher as it solved problems. Remaining at a plateau will be counterproductive. Engaging in activities like getting to use both hands when writing, kicking a ball well with both feet and creative drawing and writing keeps the brain young and fresh.

Keep fit


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The condition of the body will directly relate to the condition of the brain. The more you exercise the more the brain improves in terms of memory storage. Exercises have been known to reduce the amount of glucose in the body challenging the body to use and stirred ones in the body. This increased the intake of glycogen the brain into the parts that affect memory. The more you exercise the more glycogen accumulates in the brain increasing the levels of memory storage for the brain.