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Gaming has never been the same ever since Sony launched its Playstation. It has become the standard console in the gaming industry. Then other big companies began manufacturing their own consoles; one of them is Microsoft. The software giant created the Xbox, which changed the gaming world drastically. Now both Sony and Microsoft will go one-on-one as both companies launch their new consoles. Sony will launch Playstation 4 while Microsoft introduces Xbox One. So which console is better? Which should be chosen by gamers? How do they compare with each other?

Hardware Built of the Consoles

Shockingly both consoles are almost identical when it comes to their hardware. Due to this similarity, it is almost impossible to compare the two. Both have the same processors – AMD. The subtle difference between the two is their motion control system and camera. Xbox One has Kinect 2 motion controls and Kinect 2 (1080p) camera. Playstation 4, on the other hand, employs the DualShock 4 and Playstation 4 eye. Both systems are very exceptional in their own way.


PlayStation 4′s quick app switching is limited compared to Xbox One

The Controllers of the Consoles

When it comes to controllers, both companies have chosen to stick to what has been working for them. They made some changes but nothing significant. Sony calls their new controllers the DualShock 4, an upgrade of the third version. However, there is really nothing new about the controller. They just added some speakers and capacitive touch pads that are relatively minor changes. The Xbox One also did not make any changes to its controller. It does not have as many features as the Playstation, but it still has the force feedback in its triggers that can make first-person shooting relatively immersive.

Other Features worth Checking Out

Aside from Xbox’ famed Kinect and the seldom used Playstation eye, most gamers tend to focus on other features of the consoles. This includes other media features and online services. Both consoles are capable of feature media hubs. Both systems will also play blue ray disc and have their own sets of libraries for movies. Xbox is capable of incorporating TV programs through its HDMI. This will make the Xbox a universal remote. Also, Xbox has already confirmed that it will incorporate Xbox Live in their product to give users the ability to connect online via cloud computing. Sony, on the other hand, has remained mum if the Playstation 4 will be able to support online gaming.


PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U Comparison Chart

The world of gaming will certainly change with the coming of Xbox One and Playstation 4. As of present time, it is impossible to make comparisons since no one has experienced using these consoles yet. It is still your preference that will play a major role when you make a decision.