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“She wants attention, attention, and more attention”

As you gain more experience with online dating you’re going to start to see the same behavior patterns from women again and again. Rather than spend a long time working out exactly what they mean you can use this handy guide to pinpoint the type of woman you’re dealing with and figure out what her MO is going to be. Even the best sex dating site won’t be able to help you if you’re not knowledgeable about what you’re up against out there in the dating world. Not every woman you meet is going to fit these types (free tip: the women who don’t are the women that you should try to get something more with), but the vast majority of them will. Take a look and see if any fit your ex girlfriends, or just prepare for the future.

Attention Seekers

These women plaster their profiles with plenty of sexy pics. They seem like a dream come true for a man looking into online dating. They have a high tendency to respond to messages, they’re flirty, eager, and generally so pretty that it’s hard to believe all their sob stories about not being able to get a date. Maybe they didn’t like the dates they got, but a woman that gorgeous has to be getting some attention. Still, they seem really great and it’s easy to see how a guy would be taken in by them.

Steer clear of these women at all costs! They’re simply time suckers, and nothing more. They love to lead guys on. It makes them feel good to be able to have a dozen or more men messaging them all the time. They just want attention, attention, and more attention and the truth is that you’re never going to close the deal. She’s always too busy to meet “right now”, but she makes you think that you’re going to have a chance in the future when you’re just not going to. She doesn’t really want to hookup with you or anyone. She just wants endless guys to tell her that she’s great. Your time is worth more than she’s letting you have, and you’ve got more going on for you than that. Cut her loose and let her suck some other guy into her web. You’ve got more ladies to focus on than that.

Low Self-esteem Easy Women

“She’s trying too hard to get attention from men”

At first glance it can be a hard trick to tell the difference between a woman who wants to keep men dangling on her hook and a woman with low self-esteem. Both of them will have profiles that are plastered with sexy pics and will respond to any message sent their way. The difference is that a low self confidence woman actually does want to be with you. She’s trying to get male attention because, for one reason or another, she thinks that she can’t get it. There are quite a few good looking woman who have this affliction, so again it can be hard to tell if her motives are just to keep you around or if she’s actually interested. The only way to tell for sure is to push to meet. If she agrees and actually keeps the date then you’ll know that she really is sincere. You’ll also know that she probably won’t be that hard to get into bed.


“She’s faking it”

Online dating is often a haven for women who want to hook up on the side. The best sex dating sites have a lot of genuinely single women, but even the best have a bunch of cheaters too. The question is really whether or not you want to get involved with that. Women who are cheating are often hot, sexy ladies who are in a relationship with a guy for his money or his influence but don’t love the things he does in bed. They bring a lot of sexual energy to the table, so there’s always something fun and flirty going on in their bedrooms. That’s the good part. The downside is that jealous husbands and boyfriends are a serious concern for a serious cheater. You might find yourself totally overwhelmed by her grace and beauty, but you should always remember that another man was overwhelmed by those same charming characteristics once and, not to put too fine a point on it, she’s been cheating on him.

If you do decide to hook up with or date a cheater, take some basic safety measures. You don’t want to wind up a cautionary tale about a man who was killed in bed with the woman he was sleeping with. Just a casual check to make sure her husband doesn’t suspect anything is a good idea.

Timid Ladies

“She will never make the first move”

The fourth kind of woman who is common to the dating scene are timid ladies. There’s nothing wrong with these women usually. They may not be stunningly pretty, but as a rule they aren’t bad looking. They’ve just got the personality of a wet blanket. They don’t tend to get too many messages because they never take the risk of reaching out to a guy first. If you see things in her profile about not being very good with men or just starting to try online dating, you can bet that you’re dealing with a timid lady. These women are quick to let you know everything that’s wrong with them, which is probably why they’re single in the first place. On the plus side, it’s not hard to be a hero in a timid lady’s eyes. All you have to do is crack a few jokes and make her feel at ease. Once you’ve turned on the charm you’ll be a hero in her eyes and she won’t be able to stop herself from doing whatever you want her to do. Break through her shell and you can show her what she’s been missing while she’s been browsing scam sites like NaughtyCanoodle.com.

Kink Queens

“She loves dirty talks and new sex positions”

The fifth common type of woman is the kink queen. She loves it dirty and she just can’t get enough. You’ll find her even on “vanilla” sites, trying to tempt passersby into trying something new in the bedroom. They tend to be very familiar with dating sites, and can tell the good ones from the bad. That’s why you won’t find many on sites like NaughtyCandoodle.com. Unless you know for sure that you’re a 100% vanilla guy (and there’s nothing wrong with that) you should definitely give a kink queen or two a try. They’ll leave you with some amazing locker room stories to share, even if it’s just about all the crazy stuff some woman wanted you to do. Best case scenario, you realize that the best sex dating sites for you are actually kink sites because there’s a whole side to your sexuality that you have to explore. Worst case, you have a crazy story to tell. It’s really a win-win to strike up a conversation with these sexy kinksters. Whatever the case is, your goal should be to avoid online dating scams. Visit datingsitetests.co.uk/tested-site/matchmehappy-review/ and get insights to UK relationships and kinks that come along with it.

Now that you know the pros and cons to some of the most common online dating types, you don’t have to waste your time with them. It pays to invest in some, but the attention seekers aren’t ever going to change. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, so just shake the dust off and go chat up another woman who’s just as hot. That’s the major perk of online dating; there’s always another hot woman around the corner.

Having a baby surely is a blessing to every household. However, if it turns out that you’re having a hard time raising your bundle because of the limitations of your budget, having the baby might seem more of a burden to you. Don’t let that happen to you and your child. As early in your pregnancy, make a budget that will be just adequate for your baby’s arrival. By planning ahead, and planning well at that, you will never have to worry for your baby’s future.

Grow your piggy bank as much as possible

Find out ways on how to save money for your baby’s arrival as much as possible. You can open a flexible spending account to help you save when purchasing baby items by using your pre-tax money. Also, Medical Expense Accounts will also be of great help to you by covering your labor and delivery expenses in the future. Signing up for such accounts could save you up to the amount of taxes you would have paid. A Dependent Care Expense account will also cover your daycare costs as well.

Save more: accept hand-me-downs

Baby in Stroller

The ‘ludicrous’ spending of preparing for your own royal baby

You don’t have to spend too much in buying clothes and other stuff for your baby. A lot of your relatives and friends would be very much willing to give you some basics that are only just gently-used. Accepting these items will surely save you a great heap of money. Whether it may be cribs, walkers, or baby bottles, second-hand items will no doubt expand your budget to many folds. However, it is advisable that you don’t accept second-hand car seats, though, since you are not assured it has never been on an accident before. When it comes to your baby’s safety, you should be spending more on that.

Reduce family expenses

Now that you’re expecting a baby, you and your family may have to make little sacrifices here and there. Cut down on your daily expenses, especially the ones that are just “luxury” costs. You can always watch a movie at home together, rather than going out to the movies. When you need someone to mow your lawn, you can always ask a neighborhood kid to do the job instead of a professional landscaper. Also, you can skip eating out when you can just cook dinner at home. Besides, you wouldn’t need to do these activities all the time; just stick more to the needs than to the wants. Your baby will be needing all the money you can save when he/she is born.


The ‘ludicrous’ spending of preparing for your own royal baby

Raising a family surely is hard, not to mention expensive – especially if you’re expecting a new member soon. But you don’t always have to dread the experience. The sacrifices will all be worth it when your bundle of joy finally arrives in the family, anyway.