“I don’t want to listen your offhand compliments”

It’s not always easy to know what a woman wants to hear when you want to grab her attention and make her feel special. Browsing the best dating sites to try and find sex isn’t always easy, especially if you are not used to complimenting women all the time in an attempt to hook up. Just because it might not come naturally to you doesn’t mean that you will not be able to learn how to compliment a woman properly. However, not everything you think is complimentary is actually something that she wants to hear. Telling a woman the wrong compliment is a sure fire way to guarantee you won’t be seeing any action from her any time in the near future.

It’s not easy to be able to tell what a woman is going to find complimentary and what she’s going to think is rude. Most often, guys pay women compliments thinking that they are perfectly flattering only to be rudely rejected with no clue as to what they did wrong. There are some common compliments that you should not be telling her, though it’s often difficult to know what compliment is good and what compliment is bad. Once you know the bad compliments and understand the basic idea behind why they’re not complimentary, you will be well on your way to complimenting women properly and scoring plenty of dates with the women of your dreams.

You Look Better Than You Did in Your Pictures

“You look really beautiful”

Meeting up with a woman you met online is always kind of like playing Russian roulette. You never know if she’s going to actually look like she did in her pictures or if she used old or heavily edited pictures. In the worst case scenario, she might have even used someone else’s pictures. Sadly, none of these things are really that uncommon. You might be used to being disappointed by meeting up with women who look nothing like they did in their pictures. This is rather common if you use an untrustworthy site like HotAndReady.com, where you are much more likely to run into women who lie about what they look like.

Sometimes you might actually get lucky if you use an honest and reputable site, though, and she might actually look better in person than she did in her pictures. However, telling a woman that she looks way better than she did in her pictures is not actually a compliment. It might seem like one to you, but in truth it’s a kind of backhanded compliment that nobody really enjoys.

You Look Just Like…

“You look like Angelina Jolie”

Telling a woman that she looks just like a celebrity or some other well-known figure might seem like a grand compliment to you, but the truth is that this does not go over as well as you might think. Women don’t like being compared to other women most of the time, even if the woman you’re comparing her to is a celebrityor a model. If you want to emphasize her looks, try to focus on her unique characteristics and individuality rather than how similar she looks to someone else. This probably seems unnecessary to you, but it can actually make a big difference in how women react to your compliments.

After all, if you meet up with a woman from a top dating site in hopes of having sex with her, you want to make sure not to compliment her in a way that will annoy her. Comparing her to another woman is a great way to annoy her, so it’s best to stay away from it. If your only compliment is to compare her to another woman, you probably need to think harder to find something to praise her for. Focus more on how she looks different from the celebrity or whoever it is. Compliment her on the features you appreciate without making it too obvious that you’re comparing her to someone else, since she definitely will not appreciate the comparison at all.

You Look like You’ve Lost Weight

“You’ve shed some pounds”

You should know by now that you really should never comment about a woman’s weight. Even if you manage to meet a trashy woman from a low quality and scammy site like HotAndReady.com, you still won’t be able to get away with it. It might seem like a positive thing to say, but women are extremely sensitive about their weight and there is basically no way to make it sound good to her. Whether you’re telling her that she looks skinny or she looks better than skinny girls, it’s still not a good choice of compliment. Women are prone to taking these kinds of comments as an insult or a negative statement no matter how you phrase it.

Telling her that her clothes make her look skinny or busty or whatever you want to say is not a good idea. Telling her that she looks better than most fat girls is also not a compliment. It’s extremely difficult to make a comment about her weight, size, or shape sound like a compliment at all. It’s even more difficult for her to actually take it as a compliment. This is why it’s best that you just forgo compliments about her weight entirely. Find something else to comment on. Perhaps you should tell her that she looks good in her dress or that the color of her hair looks amazing. Whatever it is, just don’t make it about her weight, height, or body type. Those comments are an easy way to get snubbed.Also, do remember to check the rating of online dating site before diving in. Read SexFinder Review: We Checked It Out to See Whether It’s a Scam. Check this sex dating guide and learn how to talk to women and woo them with compliments. Keep the negative comments to yourself.

You Look Way Better Than…

Comparing a woman to someone else is never a good idea. If you’ve taken the effort of finding someone to hook up with by browsing top dating sites in hopes of finding sex, you should never throw it all away by insulting her. While you think that comparing her to other women might be a compliment, women tend not to find this endearing. You might not be comparing her to a celebrity or telling her that she looks just like someone else, but it can still be pretty obnoxious. While some women might not mind this kind of compliment, there is usually best to avoid it and try to come up with something else.

It’s not going to work out as a complimentif you tell her that she looks better than every other woman in the bar. Some women might be flattered by this, but more often than not she will be annoyed that you’re comparing her to other women. The point is to focus entirely on her, not the other women that happen to be in the bar or club. Plus she will likely be annoyed that you have to rely on other women in order to come up with a compliment that applies to her. It’s best to leave comparisons behind and focus on coming up with a compliment that is unique to her. With these things in mind, you should be able to come up with much better compliments. Women will be flattered instead of furious and you won’t have to worry so much about what you say. It’s a situation that can only benefit you, so it’s definitely worth the extra bit of effort to come up with a new compliment.