In a relationship, and even in the bible, men usually have the control over it. However, sometimes they tend to pamper their partners too much that they’d do anything that their wives would tell them to do. In turn, it will seem like a weakness to women that they may take advantage of it as much as they can. Or, all of these could happen vice-versa. Sooner or later, someone – for sure not the one who’s wearing the pants, could be intimidated or insulted by this. But how can you really tell who has all the control in a relationship?

  1. He/she makes all the plans

Whether it’s about where to eat dinner, what meal to cook, which clothes the other should wear, or where to order a fine bottle of wine, you can clearly tell who’s in control by identifying who makes the decisions most of the time. Even with the smallest decision, he/she is usually the one who has the final say over anything for the whole family.

Most of the time, you will either be too reoccupied about other stuff to even argue with the decision or you have just come to accept the fact that your spouse is the boss. So, you just wait eagerly for your partner’s yeses an nos.


Dominance and submission

  1. He/she deposits the paycheck

Men usually have the shorter end of the stick when it comes to this situation, but it could also definitely happen to women, as well. Between the two of you, who usually deposits the paycheck is definitely the one who has the control over the relationship. This means that they are either just making sure that your finances are handled well or they just don’t trust that you can handle the family’s money well.

  1. You feel like you’re the more overworked one

When in the relationship, you usually are the one who feels more physically and emotionally tired than the other, your partner might have the upper hand. Your spouse may also be the boss when he/she ends up asking you for favors, like running errands, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or cleaning the car. You are certainly not wearing the pants when you feel like you’re the only one doing all the dirty work.


The Four Levels of Relationship

Actually, a relationship is really not a matter of who wears the pants and who’s better off wearing them. The key is just to keep things balanced. Since you are a couple, you are in the relationship together, so it’s best to rely on each other when making decisions. The men should be the master of their own domain; however, women’s decisions should also be respected no matter what. It may be tempting to have control over the relationship, but this will only make matters worse and even end up in a bad breakup.