Gaming has never been the same ever since Sony launched its Playstation. It has become the standard console in the gaming industry. Then other big companies began manufacturing their own consoles; one of them is Microsoft. The software giant created the Xbox, which changed the gaming world drastically. Now both Sony and Microsoft will go one-on-one as both companies launch their new consoles. Sony will launch Playstation 4 while Microsoft introduces Xbox One. So which console is better? Which should be chosen by gamers? How do they compare with each other?

Hardware Built of the Consoles

Shockingly both consoles are almost identical when it comes to their hardware. Due to this similarity, it is almost impossible to compare the two. Both have the same processors – AMD. The subtle difference between the two is their motion control system and camera. Xbox One has Kinect 2 motion controls and Kinect 2 (1080p) camera. Playstation 4, on the other hand, employs the DualShock 4 and Playstation 4 eye. Both systems are very exceptional in their own way.


PlayStation 4′s quick app switching is limited compared to Xbox One

The Controllers of the Consoles

When it comes to controllers, both companies have chosen to stick to what has been working for them. They made some changes but nothing significant. Sony calls their new controllers the DualShock 4, an upgrade of the third version. However, there is really nothing new about the controller. They just added some speakers and capacitive touch pads that are relatively minor changes. The Xbox One also did not make any changes to its controller. It does not have as many features as the Playstation, but it still has the force feedback in its triggers that can make first-person shooting relatively immersive.

Other Features worth Checking Out

Aside from Xbox’ famed Kinect and the seldom used Playstation eye, most gamers tend to focus on other features of the consoles. This includes other media features and online services. Both consoles are capable of feature media hubs. Both systems will also play blue ray disc and have their own sets of libraries for movies. Xbox is capable of incorporating TV programs through its HDMI. This will make the Xbox a universal remote. Also, Xbox has already confirmed that it will incorporate Xbox Live in their product to give users the ability to connect online via cloud computing. Sony, on the other hand, has remained mum if the Playstation 4 will be able to support online gaming.


PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U Comparison Chart

The world of gaming will certainly change with the coming of Xbox One and Playstation 4. As of present time, it is impossible to make comparisons since no one has experienced using these consoles yet. It is still your preference that will play a major role when you make a decision.

Your brain is the center of everything you do. It is one of the major organs of the body and one you cannot function without other than the heart. The state of the brain will also determine the level of your functionality. A brain that is working optimally will be in a better position to solve issues. Life is all about solving problems. This simply means that you will always be a step ahead if you have a brain that has a better cognitive and physical response to stimuli. Just like any other part of the body, the brain can be worked on to improve its state and functionality. Here are top 3 tips for keeping your brain young:

Eat right

togel singapura . ACN . free resume builder . . PDR Training It is a fact that what you eat will affect every part of the body. There is no part of the body that is independent of the food you eat. The brain is not an exception. Omega 3 fatty acids are the brain’s source of power when it comes to nutrition. Some of the foods that contain these fats include fish, flax seeds, nuts and seeds. They also support the cardiovascular nature of the body. The relation between these two systems is direct for many reasons proven. People with higher intake of omega 3 fats have been found to do much better when it comes to cognitive thinking. There are supplements for these in the market today for the same reason. These are made from food plants and animal extracts for the same purpose. The brain will shrink with age. Omega 3 fats will reduce this shrinking keeping your brain your and cognitively apt for a very long time. Besides this, they are ideal when it comes to reducing blood pressure. This condition will directly affect the cells of the brain if let loose.


Tips to Boost Your Memory

Use it

The brain just like any other organ in the body needs to be stimulated to grow. It works like a muscle expanding its ability with use. The brain is also more like a computer. A computer with little information is of little use to anyone. The fact that the brain needs exercise means that it will need to be challenged. The best way to train the brain is by doing puzzles and games that will challenge it to think. Just like the body, the brain will need to be challenged ion levels going higher as it solved problems. Remaining at a plateau will be counterproductive. Engaging in activities like getting to use both hands when writing, kicking a ball well with both feet and creative drawing and writing keeps the brain young and fresh.

Keep fit


10 Tricks to Reboot Your Brain

The condition of the body will directly relate to the condition of the brain. The more you exercise the more the brain improves in terms of memory storage. Exercises have been known to reduce the amount of glucose in the body challenging the body to use and stirred ones in the body. This increased the intake of glycogen the brain into the parts that affect memory. The more you exercise the more glycogen accumulates in the brain increasing the levels of memory storage for the brain.

Having a baby surely is a blessing to every household. However, if it turns out that you’re having a hard time raising your bundle because of the limitations of your budget, having the baby might seem more of a burden to you. Don’t let that happen to you and your child. As early in your pregnancy, make a budget that will be just adequate for your baby’s arrival. By planning ahead, and planning well at that, you will never have to worry for your baby’s future.

Grow your piggy bank as much as possible

Find out ways on how to save money for your baby’s arrival as much as possible. You can open a flexible spending account to help you save when purchasing baby items by using your pre-tax money. Also, Medical Expense Accounts will also be of great help to you by covering your labor and delivery expenses in the future. Signing up for such accounts could save you up to the amount of taxes you would have paid. A Dependent Care Expense account will also cover your daycare costs as well.

Save more: accept hand-me-downs

Baby in Stroller

The ‘ludicrous’ spending of preparing for your own royal baby

You don’t have to spend too much in buying clothes and other stuff for your baby. A lot of your relatives and friends would be very much willing to give you some basics that are only just gently-used. Accepting these items will surely save you a great heap of money. Whether it may be cribs, walkers, or baby bottles, second-hand items will no doubt expand your budget to many folds. However, it is advisable that you don’t accept second-hand car seats, though, since you are not assured it has never been on an accident before. When it comes to your baby’s safety, you should be spending more on that.

Reduce family expenses

Now that you’re expecting a baby, you and your family may have to make little sacrifices here and there. Cut down on your daily expenses, especially the ones that are just “luxury” costs. You can always watch a movie at home together, rather than going out to the movies. When you need someone to mow your lawn, you can always ask a neighborhood kid to do the job instead of a professional landscaper. Also, you can skip eating out when you can just cook dinner at home. Besides, you wouldn’t need to do these activities all the time; just stick more to the needs than to the wants. Your baby will be needing all the money you can save when he/she is born.


The ‘ludicrous’ spending of preparing for your own royal baby

Raising a family surely is hard, not to mention expensive – especially if you’re expecting a new member soon. But you don’t always have to dread the experience. The sacrifices will all be worth it when your bundle of joy finally arrives in the family, anyway.

Great leadership qualities are very subtle and valuable since they not only contribute to great leadership but are also critical traits of great people. They are mainly responsible for the admiration and conscious or unconscious following that leaders get. Therefore, all qualities that contribute to becoming great leaders are very valuable and are mainly responsible for maintaining the team on the road to success. This is mainly because great leaders always motivate their teams by leading by example.

Integrity: Their true personality which is displayed when no one is looking

A great leader remains committed even in the off season which is a great example to the team. Their humility ensures that they never abuse their power position. On the other hand, they hold the whole team accountable to high standards of excellence at all time. Remaining active, hardworking and involved in all activities portrays a positive image to the teammates. Great leaders should always remain committed and prepared to offer help whenever it is needed in a timely manner. This enables them to take note of any problems brewing in the background in order to devise and implement effective corrective measures.


Top 7 Qualities That Make A Great Leader

Awareness: The willingness to be exactly who the teammates require them to be

This depicts the platinum rule (warrior awareness) that says we should do unto others as they expect to be done unto them. Therefore, leaders should master their inner game in order to control the mind, thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions at all times. This is an essential trait especially in times of confrontation or conflict. This element is quite vital since leaders have to deal with people who have different personalities and this requires ample self control. Awareness is an essential element to master in order to understand teammates and maintain focus so as to accomplish your goals in a leadership position.

Inspiring: Ability to help the team focus on a common goal

By having a vision and thinking critically about the whole mission, leaders will actively submit relevant ideas in order to build the team’s confidence in them and motivate the team. On the other hand, the leader needs to have a big vision that encompasses everyone in the team and take initiatives in order to learn how to win big battles without fear of failure. Procrastination has no room in a leader’s life, all leaders need to be proactive since most followers will sit and wait until they are told it is safe to take action. That draws the line between leaders and followers.

Confident: The willingness and ability to rally troops in good and bad times


The 5 most important leadership qualities any leader should

Being a leader is definitely a tough job. Besides being vocal, it is very important for leaders to lead by example .Despite the prevailing conditions, leaders need to remain committed to work extra hard towards an unseen goal in order to motivate teammates. This means pressure will always surround a leader’s life, be it because they have won too many battles in a row or because they have just lost a major battle.

Straight forward: Nip all small issues at the bud and avoid major drama

A straight forward leader will take note of all issues rearing heads behind the scenes. Therefore, they can easily approach the concerned teammates and help them take care of the issue at hand even before it erupts fully.


By harnessing and nurturing leadership qualities, you gain the power of influence and the ability to convince people to do or buy anything. Teammates will take action mainly because they want or desire to do so.